Springtime brings the aftereffects of the harsh winter weather - potholes, uneven pavement and roadways.   Below is 6 Spring driving tips to keep in mind before you travel: 

1. Spring showers bring May flowers... and wet driving conditions:  

Drive Slow on wet  roads, and increase your following distance even when mist begins to fall. A small amount of water can mix with oil and grease on the road to create dangerous slippery conditions. 

   2 . Avoid driving through large puddles:  Driving through water can cloud your vision, impair your                    brakes, or cause you to hydroplane.

   3.  Keep your tires properly inflated: Full tires can reduce the damage caused by potholes and                         other road hazards. 

   4.  If possible, go around potholes: Deep potholes can flatten tires, bend rims, and throw your car                     out of alignment. 

   5.  Share the road: Warm weather brings out pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists

   6.  Understand the impact of medications while driving: Spring means seasonal allergies for                     many.  Over-the-counter allergy drugs can have side effects or interact with other medications to                             diminish your driving ability.  

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