Kunkletown Car Insurance

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Life Events that Affect your Kunkletown Auto Insurance

Did you know that what happens in your life can affect your Kunkletown auto insurance rates and coverage? Yes, it does. The Kunkletown auto insurance industry is affected by three major life events: Marriage, Divorce or Death of a Spouse and Turning 50.


Married couples are given better, meaning lower, Kunkletown car insurance rates. Why? Kunkletown car insurance companies see marriage as a sign of maturity. It’s just like when you turned 25 and your Kunkletown car insurance premium dropped because you’re now within the age bracket of responsible drivers.

Also, married couples qualify for multiple-car discounts. Nowadays, it’s more common for husband and wife to have one car each. When shopping for car insurance in Kunkletown, always look into available discounts for married couples.

Divorce or Death of Spouse

Divorce or widowhood both affects assets and liabilities which consequently influence Kunkletown auto insurance rates, coverage and needs. Although going through either of these events is painful, inform your Kunkletown auto insurance company. Assess your Kunkletown auto insurance needs once more and make the necessary changes with the help of your Kunkletown auto insurance broker.

Turning 50

Here’s another reason why growing old is not so bad. Kunkletown car insurance companies see drivers within ages 50-65 as the safest drivers on the road. This lowers Kunkletown auto insurance rates significantly. Inform your Kunkletown auto insurance company when you turn 50 and ask about the discounts applicable to you.

Be mindful of how major life events affect your finances. And with the current economy, it’s important that you save whenever you can. Always check your Kunkletown car insurance policy for discounts and other advantages.

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