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Beware of Mount Pocono Auto Insurance Scams

When you get yourself into a car accident where it seems you’re at fault, think twice before handing out payouts. Car insurance scams are as old as the car insuranceindustry itself. So before you feel bad and start blaming yourself for causing another party harm, investigate first. Look into the accident and make sure it was really an accident.

Take a look at the most common Mount Pocono auto insurance accident scams:

Rear-end Crash

In this type of Mount Pocono auto insurance accident fraud, the scam driver will overtake your vehicle and then abruptly stop, leaving you little time to hit your brakes. As a result, you’ll “accidentally” slam your vehicle into his rear.

Free pass

This Mount Pocono car insurance accident scam thrives in situations wherein “right of way” is involved. The scam driver will wave to another driver, giving him signal to go first. As the innocent driver goes his way, the scam driver speeds up to deliberately crash into the other car. When the police arrive to file a report, the scam driver will deny that he yielded his right of way before the crash happened.

Helper or Accomplice?

Be wary when someone approaches you and offers help after the accident occurred. This could be another part of the act. Disguising as a Good Samaritan, the fake helper will help you find an auto shop, a lawyer or a doctor who will also rip you off.

Extra Damage

To get more juice from your Mount Pocono auto insurance, the scam driver will drive off and add more damage to his vehicle. He will then claim that the damage was caused during the accident.

There are other Mount Pocono car insurance accidents scams out there. Conmen are just bidding their time, scheming how to get more out of your car insurance in Mount Pocono. Increase your awareness and don’t let yourself be a victim to these scams.

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