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Will my Palmerton auto insurance pay me if my car is stolen?

Coming back to an empty parking spot and realizing that your beloved car is gone is probably one of the most shocking, infuriating and even terrifying moments that can happen to anyone. Despite installing A-class anti-theft devices and double checking the doors and windows before leaving, someone managed to lift your car and drive off.

“Will my Palmerton auto insurance pay for it?” This is probably one of the first questions that will pop into your head. Well, the answer depends on the type of Palmerton auto insurance you have.

In this case, a comprehensive Palmerton car insurance will be able to cover your losses. Typically, a Palmerton car insurance company will wait for a certain number of days (it’s indicated on your policy) before reimbursing your lost car.

“How much will I get?” Once the stipulated number of days pass and your car wasn’t recovered, your Palmerton car insurance company will give you reimbursement that reflects your car’s current market value.

“What if my car got recovered within the given number of days but it has damages?” Your Palmerton car insurance company will cover the cost of the repair.

If your car is brand new or its current market value is still high, getting a comprehensive Palmerton car insurance is a good decision. It would provide coverage for theft, vandalism and any other damage not caused by collision. If you have the money to spare, including collision coverage in your Palmerton car insurance is also wise. Think of your Palmerton car insurance as an investment for you and your family.

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