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Tannersville Auto Insurance Claim Checklist

Despite watching your speed, heeding road signs and being the best defensive drive you can be, you still got involved in a car accident. Now what do you do? Thankfully, no one’s hurt but one look at your car and you know, you won’t be driving it any time soon. This is one of the moments where your Tannersville auto insurance agent suddenly becomes your new best friend. But before filing a Tannersville auto insurance claim, have these details at hand:

·         Necessary information about the other driver involved

Get his full name, address and phone and license plate numbers. Also, ask about his Tannersville car insurance. Get the name of the company, the name of his Tannersville car insurance agent, the company’s phone number and the insurance’s expiration date. The more information you get, the better.

·         Other car’s details

Make sure you get the other car’s make and model, vehicle year, plate number and VIN number.

·         Location of the accident

Aside from jotting down the exact location of the accident, pay attention to the number of lanes, the type of striping (white, solid or yellow lines) and the flow of traffic (one way or two way).

·         Information about the police officer

Get his name, his badge number and a report number.

·         Extent of damage on both cars

Assess the damage caused by the accident on both cars. If you have a camera at hand, take pictures.

Keep a clear head and a calm disposition at the scene of the accident. Ask the right questions and get important details as much as possible. Note them down. They will come in handy when filing your Tannersville auto insurance claim.

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