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Does the size of my car affect the cost of my Wilkes-Barre Car Insurance?

Whether you believe it or not, the size of your car affects the cost of your auto insurance in Wilkes Barre. The bigger your car, the higher the cost. Here are a few reasons why:

Wilkes Barre car insurance companies love the speed of small cars. Why? Because they can’t go fast. Though small cars allow you to drive way above the minimum speed limit, they usually don’t allow you to go beyond 130-140 MPH. Because of this limitation, Wilkes Barre car insurance companies can rest assured that these cars won’t go zooming on the road—lowering the risk of road accidents. Rembember: Slow cars are best friends of any Pennsylvania car insurance company.

More often than not, small cars are also “family cars” which means that safety is always the main concern when purchasing an auto insurance in Wilkes Barre. Since safety is the priority of the car owner, the Wilkes Barre auto insurance company can offer a smaller auto insurance premium knowing that the car is in cautious hands.

Auto theft has been a major concern of all Pennsylvania car insurance companies. However, car thieves don’t usually go after small vehicles—something Wilkes Barr car insurance companies love. And if ever small-sized vehicles fall prey to auto thieves, Wilkes Barr car insurance companies will only have to pay a relatively small amount compared to when a bigger vehicle or a luxury car is stolen.

Before choosing a car, consider how its size will affect the price of the Wilkes Barre auto insurance you’ll have to pay for. Keep in mind that smaller vehicles mean smaller premiums and extra safety.

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