Gilbert Homeowners Insurance

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How can I restrain my constantly increasing Gilbert home insurance rate?

Before finding ways to curb your increasing Gilbert home insurance rate, find out what causes it go up in the first place. There are a lot factors that can cause your rates to increase. The most common causes are filing a claim, expanding your coverage and of course, your Gilbert home insurance company itself. One you’ve pinpointed the cause, you can try one or all of the Gilbert home insurance saving tips below:

Ask for discounts

Gilbert homeowners insurance companies offer various discounts such as mult-line discount, alarm discount, mortgage-free discount and many more. Ask your Gilbert homeowners insurance agent about the different discounts you can take advantage of.

Get a Bundle

More often than not, taking several types of insurance from one company can save you money. For example, if your homeowners insurance in Gilbert is provided by Company A, get your auto insurance from that company, too. You’d have better chances in negotiating for lower Gilbert homeowners insurance rates.

Increase your deductibles

The golden rule when it comes to deductibles is: Don’t hesitate to maximize as long as you can afford it. The emphasis falls on the second clause of the rule. If you can afford the same amount in case of a claim, use this option to lower you premium.

Take advantage of claims-free discount

Keep your home in tip-top shape to avoid filing a Gilbert home insurance claim. Most companies offer a claims-free discount to homeowners who haven’t filed a single claim in the last five years. So if your record is clean for the last half-decade, don’t forget to mention it to your Gilbert home insurance agent.

Shop around

Although this may contradict tip #2, shopping around for a cheaper homeowners insurance policy in Gilbert is fine. Just because you’ve been with your Gilbert homeowners insurance provider for some time, it doesn’t mean you can’t switch. If ever you decide to switch, just let your Gilbert homeowners insurance agent know ahead of time. You can also take this as an opportunity to inquire if your old Gilbert homeowners insurance agent is willing to give you a lower rate.

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