Managed FX Currency Account

What are the benefits of having FX Capital Management, LLC. Manage Your Currency Account?

Managed Currency accounts are great for investors who cannot watch the market everyday.  With a managed currency account you can still participate in the largest financial market in the world known as "Forex"  An investor who wishes to have his funds professionally managed may also be a candidate for a FX managed currency account.  Studies show that professionally managed currency funds have shown returns that are not correlated to the stock market.  Thus, a great way to diversify your existing portfolio regardless of how the stock market performs, is to allocate a portion of your funds to an FX managed account.

Some benefits of have a Foreign currency managed account

  • Trading Opportunities in rising or falling markets
  • Diversification - assets invested in currency which are not tied to the stock market
  • Professionally managed forex account
  • Liquidity - largest financial market in the world
  • Real time reporting and account management

If you are looking for an alternative to stocks or want to learn how a managed account might fit in your overall portfolio, complete our currency managed account contact form

FX Capital Management, LLC. is an experienced currency money manager specializing in developing and implementing alternative investment strategies.

Our mission is to provide positive investment returns, by creating strategies which are designed and implemented to potentially succeed in all market environments, whether trending or consolidating. These strategies aim to complement traditional portfolios as a growth component. We place a high priority on business ethics as we do on attempting to managing risk, preserving client capital and maintaining client relationships. We believe that these priorities are what truly separate FX Capital Management from the rest.

Trading forex, futures, and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable to all investors.