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Auto Repair & Body Shops

Auto Repair & Auto Body Shops need Garage Liability Insurance – servicing Eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Here at Capria Insurance - we offer our Auto Repair & Body Shop Insurance packages to you from our incredibly engaged staff who understand your industry. We specifically custom tailor our services to address the exact kinds of exposures that a Car Repair Shop, body shop or smog shop experience by providing robust coverage including options like garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance.

PA Garage Liability Insurance

On the most general of terms, a garage liability insurance policy is purchased by someone who owns or operates an auto repair shop, auto body shop or any other kind of auto service center. Typical coverage for liability covers the premises and operations, products and completed operations and your client's vehicles while you are providing service or the vehicle is under your custody and control. That said, assuming you are the owner of an auto repair shop and a hiring prospect who applied for for a job claims discrimination, or a customer slips and falls or even if your custom claims faulty parts or service, under all of these circumstances you'd be covered. Garage liability insurance can also cover autos owned by your business.

Garage Keepers’ Insurance in Pennsylvania

Garage Liability Insurance does not cover customer’s cars that are left in the care of the shop. This specific coverage is known as "garage keepers’ insurance". Garage Keepers Insurance is usually sold alongside garage liability policies, even though it is still a separate policy it's very important to make sure you are covered.

There are some other Auto Repair & Body Shop coverages that you may want to consider:

  • Garage Liability Coverage, including products and completed operations
  • Garage Keepers Coverage on a direct primary basis
  • Property Coverage
  • Auto Coverage, including non-owned and hired auto coverage
  • Portable Tools and Equipment Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Business Interruption/Loss of Income Coverage
  • Crime Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Coverage

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