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When you open your own pizzeria, you have the potential of making your neighborhood famous. However, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, finding the right pizzeria restaurant insurance can be somewhat of a daunting task. You will find that several other insurance agencies will want to rate your establishment as a full service restaurant. At Capria Insurance, we know better than that, which means you can rest assured that we will make certain that you are getting the best possible coverage to meet your unique needs.

If you are ever faced with a loss, your pizza insurance is your greatest tool. As the owner or manager of a pizzeria, it is vital that you are able to maintain proper insurance for your business. Capria Insurance is proud to offer you the best pizzeria insurance coverage at the most affordable rates.

Property Insurance

The property insurance element of your pizzeria restaurant insurance plan is the best way to make certain that the building that houses your restaurant and the inventory within it are protected against damage and physical loss. Even if you do not own the building, you will still need a good insurance policy to protect the contents.

The majority of pizza insurance policies contain property insurance that protects the business contents. This includes a wide variety of items, such as fixtures, furniture, office equipment, inventory and any other supplies that you may have stored on or off of the premises. You have the option of insuring these items for the actual cash value or for the cost of replacement.

Keep in mind that choosing cash value will only provide you with the depreciated value of the property, while replacement cost will provide you with the funds to purchase a new item at the current market price. A policy that features replacement cost for your business property will have a premium that is slightly higher than one that is for the actual cash value only.

However, a replacement policy will make it possible for you to recover from your loss at a much faster rate because you will be able to replace the damaged or lost items with new ones. If some of the equipment that you use at your pizza restaurant is leased, the company that holds the lease will most likely require you to have replacement value property insurance.

Loss of Income or Use

The loss of income or use element of your pizza delivery insurance or pizzeria restaurant insurance will provide you with protection for your stream of income in the event that a covered damage or loss leaves your establishment unable to operate for a time. For example, if your pizzeria suffers from water damage, collapse, fire or another type of insured event, forcing you to close the doors for a while, you stand to lose your source of income and a stream of revenue.

With this type of insurance included in your pizza insurance policy, you will be provided with coverage for the lost revenue while your restaurant is being repaired or rebuilt. If you are the owner of the building and you also have tenants, any lost rent that you are unable to collect during such a time will also be covered by your insurance policy.

Liability Insurance

The sale of alcohol at your pizza restaurant is an excellent way to create a little more revenue. After all, pizza and beer is a classic combination all over the country. Liquor liability is just one of the many types of liability coverage that you will need to consider included in your pizzeria insurance policy from Capria Insurance.

Your liability coverage will also protect you against claims of negligence as well. Any injury, damage or loss of a person’s health, reputation or property for which you can be held liable will also be covered. In most cases, the damages, fees for your legal defense and the cost of any rewards or settlements will be covered by your insurance policy when a claim is made against your business.

• Bodily Injury – pays the affected parties for the cost of medical care, loss of service or death restitution that may result due to an injury

• Property Damage – pays for the cost of the physical damage or the loss of use of a person’s property that is caused by your business

As many other establishments in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region have already discovered, Capria Insurance is the best place to turn for pizzeria restaurant and pizza delivery insurance. We are a low cost solution for all of your business insurance needs. Do not wait until disaster strikes and you are left trying to determine how you are going to get back on your feet. Click on the quote request button now and get the peace of mind that you need right away.