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Diner Insurance

In the South, they have fast food restaurants and early bird specials, but in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we have diners. Diners on the east coast really are a breed of their own. For this reason, these restaurants require their own specialized diner insurance policy that caters to their specific needs.

Competition in the diner industry, especially on the east coast, is more intense than it has ever been. Every penny that you make or spend really counts toward the success of your establishment. This fact has many diner owners out there looking to cut corners in any way that that can find. However, when it comes to your food service insurance, this is not a place that you want to cut corners.

Top Rated Coverage from a Reliable Provider

If you are looking for the most affordable rated on the best possible restaurant insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, then you have no need to look any further than Capria Insurance. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to provide you with customized diner insurance or bar insurance that will precisely meet the needs of your particular establishment. In addition, we are prepared to offer you the best deal possible when it comes to pricing.

With Capria Insurance, you can rest assured that you will not being paying for any food service insurance that you do not need. On the other hand, you can definitely expect that you will be getting the best value on a restaurant insurance plan to protect the business that you have worked so long and hard to build.

We are happy to provide diner and restaurant insurance as well as bar insurance and any other type of food service insurance coverage that you need. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers throughout the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. Our team of experts have many, many years of experience with this type of coverage and can address any questions or concerns that you may have about your policy.

Even if you already have a restaurant insurance policy through another provider, you are likely to discover that the Capria Insurance team can offer you better protection at a greater value. You will also be pleased to take advantage of our stellar history of unrivaled excellence in customer service.

All the Right Coverage

Of course, there are no two diners alike on the east coast. Therefore, you need a restaurant or bar insurance policy that is going to be customized to meet your specific needs. A wide variety of options and components are available from which you can choose the coverage that suits your diner best, such as:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance – You will need this type of coverage if your diner transports any products, such as with a catering van. In addition, you may need coverage for employees that use their own automobiles to conduct business for your diner
  • Errors and omissions insurance – This type of coverage will protect you against claims of negligence and many other issues.
  • Equipment failure – In the food service industry, you have a great many types of equipment that you rely on in order to get the job done. If one or more of these machines were to fail, you could be put out of business for a while or stand to lose a considerable amount of supplies and inventory.
  • Liability – There are a large number of different types of liability insurance that you will want to consider including in your policy. First, you will need general liability that will protect you from claims that may be filed by one or more of your customers for anything from being served contaminated food to falling on a floor that was just mopped. If you serve alcohol in your diner, you will also want to consider investing in liquor liability so you will be protected against the actions of an intoxicated patron that lead to damage or injuries.
  • Property insurance – In addition to liability coverage, another basic coverage type that you will definitely need is property insurance. Not only will this type of coverage protect the building that houses your diner, but also the contents of that building. You can even make sure that the signage outside of your diner is covered as well.
  • Workers Compensation – Your employees are your most valuable assets and without them there to perform their duties, you will both lose. Fortunately, this type of coverage will benefit you both by paying their medical bills and lost wages if they are injured on the job, all the while protecting you from legal action.

At Capria Insurance, we are not here just to sell you an insurance policy. We are here to help insure the success of your diner. Do not wait until it is too late to make certain your east coast diner is covered. Click on the quote request button now to connect with one of our friendly agents who will help you get the best coverage for your unique business.