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Bethlehem Car Insurance Add-Ons You Should Watch Out For

Shopping for Bethlehem car insurance is one of the best things that can save you money. It allows you to get in touch with different Bethlehem car insurance companies, hear what they have to say and gather insurance quotes for you to compare. However, with so many quotes and all the Bethlehem car insurance companies claiming that they are number one, it can be quite confusing. To help you make the right decision in choosing the best Bethlehem car insurance for you, here are some of types of Bethlehem car insurance add-ons you should be wary of:

Bethlehem auto insurance that promise refunds

“You get your money back” That’s what the Bethlehem auto insurance company is telling you. It sounds good, right? But of course, there’s a catch and it’s something they are not telling you. Refundable Bethlehem car insurance premiums are more expensive than the regular ones. In other words, you’d be paying more than you should. And when the time comes for them to return a portion of your money, it’s not actually a refund. It’s the extra money you shouldn’t have paid for in the first place.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance refers to towing and labor. If you are a member of an automobile club, like the AAA, chances are you don’t need this extra coverage on your Bethlehem car insurance. Besides, this kind of add-on usually has limits. In case you decide to include this in your Bethlehem car insurance coverage, check details such as the allowable number of times your car can be towed and the maximum cost it will cover.

Funeral and Accidental Death Insurance

Before including this in your Bethlehem auto insurance policy, check your life insurance policy first. If it includes accidental death and funeral assistance, you don’t need this Bethlehem auto insurance add-on.

Comprehensive Coverage for a Low-value Car

When you bought your car, it might have been the top of the line. However, that was ten years ago. Now, your car is not as good as it used to be. Before you choose a Bethlehem auto insurance coverage for your car, assess its market value first. Choose the car insurance in Bethlehem that complements the value of your vehicle.

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