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Five Brodheadsville Homeowners Insurance Myths Debunked

The list of misconceptions about home insurance Brodheadsville is endless. Unsurprisingly, many home owners are baffled about what their Brodheadsville home insurance covers and what it doesn’t. To bring some light into the confusion, here are five of the most common misconceptions about homeowners insurance in Brodheadsville:

Brodheadsville insurance rates are all the same.

No, it’s not. Rates and Brodheadsville home insurance policies vary from company to company. That’s why shopping before buying is important if you want to minimize the cost of your Brodheadsville home insurance.

My Brodheadsville home insurance will cover damages caused by an earthquake.

Unless it’s explicitly stated in your home insurance policy in Brodheadsville, don’t automatically assume that it is. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, then this coverage is a must. So make sure you ask your Brodheadsville home insurance agent to add this to your policy.

My Brodheadsville home insurance will pay for all the damages caused by flood.

False. Most likely, flood damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance policy in Brodheadsville. If you want to insure your home against water damage caused by flood, you have to get flood insurance.

Damaged caused by insects, pests and rodents are covered by my home insurance in Brodheadsville.

No, it’s not. Keeping your home safe from these pesky unwelcomed pets is your business and the repair cost will totally come from your pockets.

My home insurance policy in Brodheadsville dictates how I should spend my payout.

For example, your new television got stolen and your Brodheadsville home insurance paid for it. You don’t have to use your payout money to buy another TV unless you want to. You can spend the money any way you want.

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