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What are the kinds of claims that raise my Lehighton home insurance rates?

If you’ve been reading how-to-save articles about Lehighton home insurance, you might be wondering why most articles will advise you to never file a claim unless it’s truly necessary. That’s because filing a claim is a sure-fire way to increase your Lehighton home insurance rate. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

The number of reasons behind filing a claim is endless. But there are three kinds of claims that will surely cause your Lehighton home insurance rate to go up:

Claim#1: Water Leaks and Molds

If you can afford to take the repair cost out of your pocket, you’d be better off to keep this hush-hush from your Lehighton home insurance company. Once you file a claim due to water leaks and molds, this will be in your Lehighton home insurance history permanently. Aside from raising your Lehighton home insurance rate, you’ll also have a hard time finding a good buyer in case you want to sell your home later on. Most Lehighton home insurance companies will be quite hesitant to provide coverage for a home that supposedly has faulty pipes.

Claim#2: Injury from falls

When it comes to illnesses and diseases, people often say “Prevention is better than cure.” When it comes to your home, believe it or not, you can make use of this old cliché. If someone hurts himself because of tripping or falling while they are in your property and injury is quite serious, you might have to file a claim on your Lehighton home insurance. So, be a responsible home owner and keep your home hazard-free.

Claim #3: Dog Bites

Lehighton home insurance claims because of dog bites are more common than you think. In fact, Lehighton home insurance companies have a list of dog breeds that they take into consideration when computing your premium. Big dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Siberian Huskies are included in the list. Unless your dog is tamed and trained, keep it on a leash or in a cage when you have visitors.

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