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Lehighton Insurance

Lehighton, PA is a city that is no stranger to struggle. Once upon a time in history, Lehighton witnessed violent conflicts that stemmed from the French and Indian Wars. The city endured vicious raids, killings, and destruction of properties as the militia asserted their power. Also, after World War II, Lehighton’s economy which was greatly dependent on the railroad industry plummeted. Thousands of workers lost jobs as the railroad industry was restructured and the major repair facilities in Lehighton were relocated.

But today, Lehighton has definitely recovered. With a population of 5,537 based on the 2000 Census, Lehighton is considered as Carbon County’s center of business. The city is thriving again and it holds favorable promises for its residents.

If you’re a resident and you’re looking for Lehighton insurance for your car or home, keep these pieces of advice in mind.

Lehighton auto insurance strategies

Lehighton auto insurance can be quite expensive. To help you cut back on your expenses, use these Lehighton auto insurance strategies. Know how important it is to choose your car wisely and how a little bit of research can go a long way. Find out how your credit scores impact your premiums and how to score hefty discounts on your insurance in Lehighton.

As for your Lehighton home insurance, learn about the most common insurance claims. You’ll be surprised that most Lehighton insurance claims are caused by leaks and molds, fall accidents, and dog bites. Know how to work your way around these pitfalls and avoid filing a Lehighton home insurance claim.

When it comes to buying Lehighton insurance, Capria Insurance is your best bet. We are independent; this means we can offer you Lehighton insurance policies at affordable prices. Also, we are a PA Notary and PennDOT Authorized Dealer offering Title Transfers, Instant Tags & Instant Registration renewals. With us, all it takes is a single call. We’ll offer you customized Lehighton insurance packages that are tailored for your specific needs.

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