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What are the factors that determine my Pocono Lake home insurance premium?

Each Pocono Lake home insurance company has their own way of computing premiums. When you go shopping for a home insurance policy in Pocono Lake, you’ll find that the prices vary for the same exact coverage. However, the factors they look into are practically the same. Here they are:

One of the most important factors your Pocono Lake home insurance agent will look into is the replacement cost of your home. Take note, this is not equal to the amount you spent in building or purchasing your home. The replacement cost is the estimated amount you’ll need to rebuild your home and replace its contents in case damage occurs.

Is your home made of bricks or wood? You’ll need to inform you Pocono Lake home insurance about the material (s) your home is made of. Owning a swimming pool and a trampoline can also affect your Pocono Lake home insurance premium. For Pocono lake home insurance companies, these two items increases your home’s risk for accidents.

If you own a wood furnace or stove, it may increase your rate. However, if your home is near a fire hydrant or the fire department, it’s plus points for you. Pocono Lake home insurance companies check how far your home is from “help” in case of fire.

Your Pocono Lake homeowners insurance agent will also look into the age of your home. Typically, new homes get much lower premiums. But if your home is a bit old, make sure that you’ve maintained it well. Your claim history will be checked by your Pocono Lake homeowners insurance provider. If you’ve made claims due to water damage, roof damage, fire, theft, and liability, chances are your Pocono Lake home insurance premium will be a bit steeper.

The kind of pets you have also matters. Big dogs such as Rottweilers and wolf-dog breeds can make your Pocono Lake home insurance rate go a little higher.

If you operate your business from your home, don’t forget to mention it to your Pocono Lake home insurance agent.

Pocona Lake homeowners insurance companies will check your home’s security. If you’ve installed dead bolts, sturdy locks, sprinklers and an anti-burglary system, your homeowners insurance policy would be cheaper.

Keep these factors in mind before buying your homeowners insurance policy in Pocono Lake. If there’s anything you can do to make your house “friendlier” to Pocono Lake home insurance agents, do it. It can help you keep the cost of your Pocono Lake homeowners insurance at bay.

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