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Scranton Homeowners Insurance

Understand the terms and jargons of your Scranton Home Insurance

If you are not familiar with the home insurance terms and jargon, reading your home insurance policy in Scranton or listening to your agent might be difficult. Normal words such as “condition,” “claim,” and “building” may have a more comprehensive meaning when used in the context of Scranton home insurance. To help you understand your policy better, here are Scranton home insurance terms you might regularly encounter:

- Buildings

This Scranton home insurance term refers not only to your house, but it also to the other structures in your property such as a swimming pool, a barn, a garage and a green house.

- Exclusion

This refers to specific properties in your home and situations that your Scranton home insurance provider will not allow you to make a claim on.

- High-risk Items

High risk items refer to objects that are “extraordinarily” expensive such as jewelry, antiques, electronic gadgets and the like. Although most Scranton home insurance cover high-risk items, it usually has a limit.

- Household

This term refers to everyone, including the pets, who lives in the home.

- Conditions

Conditions refer to the rules your Scranton home insurance stipulated. You must strictly follow these rules to keep your contract with your Scranton home insurance company binding.

- Unoccupied

Your Scranton homeowners insurance provider will consider your home “unoccupied” if it’s empty for than thirty consecutive days.

- Sum Insured

This is the maximum amount your Scranton home insurance will pay for each claim.

- Loss Adjuster

The loss adjuster is person who assess a claim and determine how much the Scranton home insurance should pay for.

- Underwriter

Underwriters are the people who evaluate your Scranton homeowners insurance application and determine how “risky” it would be to insure you. Your rate and premium depends on the outcome of their assessment.

These are just a few of the most common terms you’d encounter if you apply for Scranton homeowners insurance. In case you come across other terms you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your Scranton homeowners insurance agent.

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